Honorable Education Secretary's Message

Sohorab Hossain

Introducing the dynamic website, Govt. Titumir College has taken an important step towards digital competence which is an inalienable component for quality teaching and learning in the present day. Access to information of different kinds would now be much easier and quicker to the teachers, students and all the other information seekers.

I strongly believe that this reputed institution of the country would be able to disseminate information to all concerned in a far better way. This very dynamic website can work as a gateway to the ocean of information in the store of internet. I feel that people from all walks of life would be benefitted from this dynamic device. Now, all the teachers and students of this academia can keep themselves abreast of the important information or notices of their related departments from their own desks. It is definitely a massive step towards making a digital Bangladesh.


I express my heartiest appreciation and to the team members of Govt. Titumir College led by the Principal who have made this work successful.

Md. Sohorab Hossain
Senior Secretary
Secondary and Higher Education Division
Ministry of Education
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh