The University of Nebraska–Lincoln


In the current global age, information technology needs to be included with every education method. No education method will be effective enough to meet the demand of the day if it does not include information communication technology. Literally, the world is now in our palm. All information should be in digitalized format so that the respective beneficiaries can avail the desired information. Present education policy of Bangladesh also emphasizes this present day demand. To make education system compatible with the current age, the present Government also highlights the inclusion of information technology in education curriculum. That is how the goal of digital Bangladesh will be materialized. To include information technology in education curriculum, National University of Bangladesh in its tertiary level has included Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a 100 marks non-credit optional subject. JICA (Japan International Co-operation Agency) had a Pilot Project to materialize this objective. For a long time Govt. Titumir College was endeavoring to introduce ICT as a specialized subject. As its consequence, ICT was introduced in the Master’s course as non-credit optional subject in 2010 and its academic session was 2007-2008. In whole Bangladesh, there are only ten colleges where the students are fortunate enough to have the ICT Course in their Master’s Final Year. In this course, the students are evaluated through 60 marks theoretical Exam and 40 marks lab test. There is good number of trained professionals to conduct this specialized course in this college. Already four batches have completed this course with success. The fifth batch is running with 415 students from eighteen departments.