Introducing a dynamic website is really a Herculean task which could not be foreseen at the start of the work. Immediately after the start of the work, we realized that how deep we are to delve into ocean of technology. We found that such a megalomaniac task undoubtedly requires a huge amount of time, energy and thoughtful resources. Continuing the regular day to day activities of a teacher, it was really a laborious job for us to shape, structure and incorporate information for a full fledged dynamic website. However, with the all out endeavours of all the teachers and students and most importantly with the constant guide lines of the Principal of this college, we could at last successfully launch our dynamic website. I am grateful to the Vice principal of this college for her valuable support and opinion to develop this website.

We are proud to say our website is different and better than other similar websites of our country and now the information seekers will easily get access to their required information at their desk.

I can not but extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everybody who has helped in the backdrop to make this voluminous task a success. I render special thanks to my team members Mr.A.K.M. Bazlur Rahman, Assistant Professor of English; Mr. Md. Abdul Quader, Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Mr.T.S. Shamim Siddiky Assistant Professor of Economics and Mr.A.K.M. Bodrul Alam Khan, ICT Department for their strenuous efforts at day and night to accomplish this website.

Finally, I seek an earnest apology from all corners who might have taken pain in the process of completing this website. I also beg pardon in advance from all the users of the website for any kind of difficulty they may face while using this website.

I wish you all the best.

Mrs. Hosne Ara Begum
Professor and Convener
Website Development Committee
Govt. Titumir College